HEWWO nd welcome to the M4R5HM3LL0W 4RC4D3 !

My name is BlueM3llow/M3llowSkoog,, but many people nd friends call me Mellow. I'm a funky cryptid skunk/bat on the internet that's tryna dabble with loads of random activities! I draw furries, make music (breakcore, jungle, rave-esk goodies), nd slowly getting myself to 2D animate, model, nd coding! I plan on posting loads of goodies onto here eventually,, but for now this is all that I have in mind for now. It'll be barren for quite a bit, but for now I hope u enjoy what I've got so far!

Be sure to check out my SOCIALZ page as well! I'm most active on Twitter atm, but I plan on posting more on Youtube again once I've got more ideas for drawings nd stuff!




9/11/21 - I completely restarted the code in every single page-- SO much cleaner nd it flows way better man holy shit

7/20/21 - Updated the SOCIALZ page since Twitter links basically dies if you change your @,, wonky wonk... Sooner or l8tr I'll b posting some fancy shmancy art examples once I've actually drawn something this year grr grr

8/26/20 - "Technically" finished the SOCIALZ page,, will prolly add more shit over there

3/12/20 - + Basically edited the wholeeee fuggin site to where I don't have to suffer with the position code cuz omfg I can't handle that code

+ Rlly hoping this works on mobile / smaller screens or else I'll go brainless figuring out a million and one codes

2/21/20 - Added a "CHARACTRZ" section for all my fursonas/ocs

2/20/20 - Updated the SOCIALZ page,, it only has two links but soon I'll be adding more hehe + added this UPD8s box