HAI !!!! Welcome to my little corner of the internet :]

I'm Mellow! (Any pronoun, she/her preferred!), and I'm a scene skunk that roams around from time to time (The rare ass photo on the left is me before I Got Them)

I do things!!!!!! I draw, compose music, 2D animate (I used to 3D animate for a little bit,,,,,,, for university), nd I prolly do other things but I can't rlly think of anything else

I made this website to stray away from current garbo going on around the internet, and to have a place where I could shoot out every possible thing that manifests in my brain without worrying about how many views I got, how many comments or any other interaction. I got ADD, I gotta let my mind breathe for once LOL

I plan on adding WAAAAAAY more into this website: A place to download my project files of my music, an entire blog section where I spew random shit out that comes to mind, custom pages for my ocs in the "Creatures" page (For some reason, Toyhouse was made to be the most difficult character archiving website on the planet), nd other stuff !!

Ty 4 visiting! Expect more updates soon 🦨


8/01/23 - Finally made my own button !!!! It'll b at the bottom of the Stamps container !

7/29/23 - The blog's about page has been updated !

7/28/23 - The blog area is officially up nd running! It's still under construction, but I wanted to have it up just so I don't procrastinate on it

7/27/23 - COMPLETE overhaul of the website. I took a whole ass break nd left coding for a while; Came back to learn css grids,,, best decision of my life LOL. Website is completely responsive (I hope), and I'll continue to add/improve anything that needs to be improved!

9/11/21 - I completely restarted the code in every single page-- SO much cleaner nd it flows way better man holy shit

7/20/21 - Updated the SOCIALZ page since Twitter links basically dies if you change your @,, wonky wonk... Sooner or l8tr I'll b posting some fancy shmancy art examples once I've actually drawn something this year grr grr

8/26/20 - "Technically" finished the SOCIALZ page,, will prolly add more shit over there

3/12/20 - Basically edited the wholeeee fuggin site to where I don't have to suffer with the position code cuz omfg I can't handle that code

+ Rlly hoping this works on mobile / smaller screens or else I'll go brainless figuring out a million and one codes

2/21/20 - Added a "CHARACTRZ" section for all my fursonas/ocs

2/20/20 - Updated the SOCIALZ page,, it only has two links but soon I'll be adding more hehe + added this UPD8s box

Cool ppl websites !!!!!

Grab my button !!!